As part of our mandate, Point Bank LTD provides access to investments typically through Project Financing, by structuring loans from large international creditors. Our mission to provide access to financing for growing economies has led us to develop very close relationship and trust with international creditors which work with us to structure loan facilities for our clients.

Investment Point bank

 Project Analysis

Projects that qualify to be reviewed must be large infrastructure projects in Africa, Middle East and Latin America, other regions may be considered with a sound business model and a clear loan to repayment structure. We cover the full range of services for clients to access Project Financing, from Consulting, to the Business Plan to Accounting to Loan Structuring and facilitating the Investment from international creditors.

Note, Point Bank LTD does not fall under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom nor do we accept clients who are residents of the United Kingdom including businesses incorporated in the United Kingdom. Point Bank LTD is incorporated in the UK but our activities do not fall within FCA’s remit.