Point Bank LTD supports and facilitates client needs in various financial projects and transactions. Clients have over the years comes to us with various needs and requirements to provide them with solutions in areas of credit enhancement, freeing working capital or gaining working capital, access to short-term or long-term investment programs, access to loans facilities and leveraged financial instruments.


All enquiries are taken into consideration, reviewed and answered as our philosophy is to be as close to real market solutions. The market decides what is needed, in what region and in what capacity, our job is to constantly listen, review, develop and provide the necessary solution to the market in support of our mission, accessible finance to growing economies.

Over the years, we have introduced innovative market solutions with a proven track record of success boasting a broad and loyal client base. We perform rigorous due diligence on all our clients, following the latest standards in AML and KYC.

Note, Point Bank LTD does not fall under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom nor do we accept clients who are residents of the United Kingdom including businesses incorporated in the United Kingdom. Point Bank LTD is incorporated in the UK but our activities do not fall within FCA’s remit.

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